Using Herbs From a Home Herb Garden

It has been said that the most natural flavoring for any foods are herbs and spices. But sometimes it is very hard to get the specialty herbs. You have planted herbs and have witnessed them mature and boom. They are very helpful in a lot of ways. However, utilizing herbs from your home herb garden needs a bit of work first.

To make it possible to utilize the fresh herbs you need to first plant them, provide a good environment in which they can grow, and then harvest them. Of course, time is a huge aspect. The wind as well as the heat could diffuse the important oils of your herbs. Just a few oils are formed by the herb during the wet seasons. In relation, make sure to harvest the herbs as the dew dries up on the leaves as the flowers open. When it comes to harvesting a home herb garden, it does not necessarily mean eliminating the whole plant. In such time, you are merely taking a definite quantity of growth to use. You don’t have to utilize the herbs that you have harvested at the instance that you gather them. You could preserve them for important use later on. Be cautious not to get more than one third of your plant’s flora. The plant would require an ideal quantity of flora to grow again. Also, examine if there are insects and spoiled leaves in your plant before you pick it.

Normally, three important means are used after gathering herbs from a home herb garden- freezing, drying, or preserving them with use of a medium like vinegar or salt. To dry the herbs you have to jointly pack at least 6 to 12 stems and eradicate any shrubbery close to the stems’ base. You can secure the bundle using a string. Place the bundle of herbs in a cold place away from the sunlight. A very easy method to preserve herbs is through freezing them. Slice the herbs in at least 1/4 inch portions and put them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. After freezing the herbs, you could put them in a bag and put them inside the freezer until you use them.

Another means of preserving some of your herbs from a home herb garden is by covering them with vinegar. With the use of vinegar, your herbs can be preserved for quite a few months. Otherwise, you could make use of a flavored salt in preserving the herbs. When totally dried out, separate the flavored salt from the brown herbs and put them in a sealed container.