Enjoying Herbs From Your Home Herb Garden

The products that come from a home herb garden benefit us in so many ways. Most herbs have more than one use, and nearly all herbs are beneficial. When your plants are harvested, you receive fresh produce that you can use instantly.

One enjoyment of your herbs is the medicinal and healing attributes they have. Many of the drugs bought from the local drug store are derived from the natural herbs from gardens. Over 100 herbal drugs or medicines that you buy are used in the same way they were used by the natives who introduced them. The medical profession in general owes its beginning to treatments using herbal remedies. Some herbs that have medicinal uses are:

· The Aloe vera plant enjoys a moderate climate, and this makes it better suited for indoors. A strategic location in your home will allow for use of the healing sap anytime you have minor burns or scratches.

· Borage has a cucumber like taste, and is used in teas and topically for a variety of ailments.

· Cayenne, also used for a hot flavoring for food, has soothing effects for digestive problems.

· Chervil is used for flavoring of foods, but its medicinal uses include treatment of high blood pressure.

· Dill has stomach soothing qualities to go along with its culinary use as a food flavoring.

· Chamomile is used as mild relaxant and in treatment of depression, stress, and anxiety.

If you own an herb garden, you and the great chefs of the world probably have one thing in common: the culinary use of herbs. Without herbs and spices, food would be very bland, just as it was before these plants were introduced centuries ago. The culinary benefits of herbs are represented in part by:

· Arugula, a mustard-like plant, with a flavor similar to horseradish. It is commonly used in salads and stir-fries.

· Basil, an excellent salad addition.

· Coriander, used in flavoring of Asian and Indian foods.

· Summer savory, used in a variety of dishes for flavoring. Similar in taste to thyme.
Another benefit of a home herb garden is the fragrances and beauty of many of the plants. Of course, some herbs look rather drab and don’t have beautiful blooms, but most have smells that are pleasing to the senses. Some of theses scents serve to deter certain insects and some wild animal life. Herbs with pleasing aromas include mint, lavender, sage, lemon balm, rosemary, and thyme.

The benefits of a home herb garden are many. Enjoy yours to the fullest by studying all the possibilities it provides.